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Покрова Пресвятої Богородиці - 10/07/17

Вшановує Пресвяту Діву Марію й український народ. З того часу, як наш люд став навколішки перед Ісусом Христом, по всій нашій землі гомонить пісня слави й любові також і на честь Христової Матері Марії. Величаючи її, наш народ благає в неї опіки й заступництва в різних потребах цього земного життя. Ми так сердечно вшановуємо Пресвяту Богородицю, бо це зробив насамперед сам Бог. Ще світу не було, а вже Предвічний Господь вибрав Пресвяту Діву Марію на Матір Спасителя. Створив її чистою, обдарував надзвичайними ласками та підвищивши понад усіх людей і ангелів, щоб Вона була першою після Бога. А що Господь від віків постановив, те в свій час сповнилося. Коли ж Бог так прославив Марію, чи не повинні й люди йти за Його почином і прикладом? Коли Пресвята Марія є для Бога наймилішою дочкою, для Божого сина найдорожчою Матір’ю, а для Святого Духа найкращою Святинею, чи ж не повинні й люди величати Пресвяту Діву та прославляти Її щирим серцем як першу після Бога?

Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch - 10/07/17

Meditation: Have you ever struggled  because your life wasn't going the way you wanted? Do you feel that way right now?  To many bills?  Not enough money?  Or maybe you are stressed because of your constant striving for more and more of the things of this world, or you are in debt up to your eyeballs trying to pay for and maintain those things you have already acquired. Do you spend most of your time focusing on how you will achieve a bigger home, a new car, stretching yourself out for that new flat screen or surround sound system your friend just purchased?

Deny yourself and follow Him - 09/30/17

Today we celebrate the 17th Sunday after Pentecost and also the Sunday after Exaltation of The Cross. We have heard two readings from the Holy Gospel, one according to St. Mark dedicated to afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and another one according to St. Mathew, the reading of this Sunday. Reflecting on the two passages we see the importance of the common theme, it is Kingdom of Heaven. In the first reading we receive the exact commandments what we should do, or how we should live our lives in order for us to inherit The Kingdom of God. And in another reading we have an example of people called, like all of us, to enter that Kingdom of Heaven but not all responded according to expectations of the Creator and therefore were not able to receive the blessing of that generous invitation.

Encounter between our Lord and a woman of Canaan - 09/30/17

The seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost is the last of consecutive Sunday Gospel readings after Pentecost from St. Matthew. The prescribed Gospel reading for this Sunday is from St. Matthew, chapter 15, verses 21 through 28, where-in we read and hear of an encounter between our Lord and a woman of Canaan. Within this brief Gospel passage, the faith of a Gentile and Jesus’ ultimate gracious response is revealed to us.

Exaltation of the Holy and Life-giving Cross - 09/24/17

This Feast is a day of Strict Fast, similar to other commemorations of the Holy Cross during the year, such as the Third Sunday of Great Lent and the first day of the Dormition Fast. The Gospel reading for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is very similar to the Gospel reading during Vespers on Great Friday of Holy Week, commemorating the Crucifixion of Christ.

Fishers of Men - 09/24/17

Today the Church begins the cycle of Gospel Readings from St. Luke. Now, St. Luke was a Gentile, and not a Jew, and, by profession he was a physician, so it’s not surprising that we see a great number of healing accounts in St. Luke’s Gospel, as well as an emphasis on mission and evangelism, his obvious desire in writing this account of the Gospel being to present it in a way so as to be more effective in the evangelization of the Gentile people- most all of us.

Nativity of the Holy Birth Giver of God - 09/21/17

“O Most Holy Birth Giver of God Save Us!” With such powerful words The Holy Orthodox Church concludes almost all of its divine services, making its final appeal to the One, who is the first among the Heavenly choirs of the saints who intercede God on behalf of the human race.

Today, on this eighth day of the Liturgical year as we celebrate her blessed Nativity, let’s pause and contemplate upon the role and the image of the Most Holy Birth Giver of God and Ever-Virgin Mary.

Weekly reflections by Rev. Fr. Anthony Perkins, pastor of St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI. Click here>
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